"I believe in a better quality of life based on more sustainable lifestyles."


Our products and services can make an essential contribution to the achievement of this goal. However, these products and services need to be designed in a more sustainable way, a way in which their whole life cycle and a comprehensive range of sustainability criteria are taken into account.

I have a vision that we will develop products and services which are not just a little "less unsustainable", but which should lead to an overall positive contribution to the sustainable development of our society.

Matthias Schulz - Schulz Sustainability Consulting


Assuming that your organisation is one of those facing this challenge, I see my role as one which supports you with creative ideas, concrete plans of action and motivation for the journey ahead.



I also generate critical reviews of Life Cycle Assessments (LCA), Carbon Footprints and Environmental Product Declarations (EPD). These documents confirm the environmental performance of products in accordance with established methods and internationally recognised standards.

Start by doing the necessary, then the possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible.


St. Francis of Assisi